[Proposal #1][v1.0.3] Unigrid DAO Constitution


  • 15 September 2023: Initial draft of the Unigrid DAO Constitution.

Authors and Credit

Unigrid DAO Governance Committee: The Unigrid Foundation




This proposal introduces the Unigrid DAO Constitution, a comprehensive document outlining the governance, operational, and legal framework for the Unigrid DAO. The constitution addresses key areas such as on-chain governance, tokenomics, treasury management, institutional structure, and regulatory compliance.

Voting Results - September 23rd, 2023 12:00 GMT


The Unigrid Project, a pioneering decentralized cloud services network, is constructed on the robust foundation of the Cosmos SDK framework. To guarantee its continuous evolution and sustainable expansion, a resilient governance model is indispensable. The proposed constitution lays down the fundamental guidelines for the DAO’s functions, emphasizing transparency, equity, and flexibility.

While the consensus chain, built with the Cosmos SDK, will oversee governance voting, the heart of the Unigrid network is the Hedgehog network. Hedgehog is responsible for managing drive storage, computing power, VPN, and throughput, ensuring the network’s seamless operation and efficiency.

Governance Votes

  • YES: You approve the adoption of the Unigrid DAO Constitution as the foundational governance document for the DAO.
  • NO: You disapprove of the constitution in its current form. Please provide feedback for improvements or adjustments in the relevant topic in the Discord governance channel.

Voting Schedule

The voting for this proposal will commence at 12:00 GMT on Saturday, September 16th, 2023 and will conclude at 12:00 GMT on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023. All community members are encouraged to cast their votes within this timeframe.

Voting Hash Reference

For transparency and verification purposes, the on-chain hash reference for this voting proposal is:


Members can use this hash to verify the authenticity and integrity of the proposal on the blockchain.


The Unigrid DAO Constitution is a pivotal document that will guide the DAO’s operations, governance, and growth. It’s essential for members to review, provide feedback, and vote to ensure the DAO’s future success.