Unigrid DAO Governance


The Unigrid Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is envisioned as the cornerstone of the Unigrid project’s governance. However, its establishment is contingent upon the passing of [Proposal #1][Draft v1.0] Unigrid DAO Constitution. This section provides an overview of the proposed governance structure, its principles, and the process for submitting and voting on proposals, should the DAO be ratified.

Why Governance?

Effective governance is essential to:

  1. Decentralize Decision Making: Ensure that decisions are made collectively, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the community.
  2. Enhance Transparency: Establish clear rules and procedures, ensuring that all actions and decisions are transparent and accountable.
  3. Facilitate Growth: Empower the community to drive the development and expansion of the Unigrid ecosystem.

Submitting Proposals

Any member of the Unigrid community can submit a proposal for consideration. Proposals can range from technical changes to the protocol, funding requests, partnerships, or any other topic relevant to the project’s growth and direction.

A draft proposal can be found here

Importance of Governance for the Unigrid Project

Effective governance is not just a procedural necessity; it’s a statement about the project’s values:

  • Community Empowerment: Governance ensures that the community remains central to the project, with a significant say in its direction and growth.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability: The governance structure allows for adaptability, ensuring that the project can quickly respond to changing circumstances or new opportunities.
  • Long-Term Vision: With a clear governance model, the Unigrid project is set up for long-term success.

Accessing Governance Documents

All governance-related documents, including past proposals, are available for the community to view. Transparency is key, and we encourage all members to familiarize themselves with these documents.

Access Governance Documents on GitHub

Document History and Integrity

To ensure transparency and trust:

  • Commit Hashes: Every document revision is committed to our GitHub repository. Each commit has a unique hash, ensuring the integrity and immutability of the document’s history.
  • Transparent Tracking: Community members can track changes, view previous versions, and verify the authenticity of documents by checking the commit hashes on GitHub.
  • Accessible History: View the entire commit history, along with their respective hashes, at our GitHub repository.

By leveraging GitHub’s version control, we ensure that our governance documents evolve with the community’s needs while maintaining a clear and verifiable history.

Command for Submitting a Proposal Vote:

unigrid-cli preparebudget "<proposal name>" "<URL to proposal>" <number of payments> <superblock 9 days in the future> "<address>" <payment amount>

For instance:

unigrid-cli preparebudget "prop 3" "https://docs.unigrid.org/docs/governance/dao_updates_03/" 2 2836800 "HC4pzL8VTdUH2GByX3DBXBuUgfvGVWmqyh" 500

Note: this process will change once mainnet is launched


Unigrid’s governance model is designed to be transparent, inclusive, and adaptive. We encourage all community members to participate actively in the governance process, from submitting proposals to voting on key decisions. Together, we can shape the future of Unigrid.

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